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Program Goals

    The goals for children under the care of United Day Care are:
  • Develop a positive self-concept and attitude toward learning, self-control, and a sense of belonging.
  • Develop a curiosity about the world, confidence as a learner, creativity, imagination, and personal initiative.
  • Develop relationships of mutual trust and respect with adults and peers, understanding perspectives of other people, and negotiate and apply rules of group living.
  • Understand and respect social and cultural diversity.
  • Know about community and social rules.
  • Use language to communicate effectively and to facilitate thinking and learning.
  • Become literate individuals who gain satisfaction, as well as information, from pre-reading and pre-writing skills.
  • Represent ideas and feelings through pretend play, drama, dance, movement, music, art, and construction.
  • Think critically, reason, and solve problems.
  • Construct understanding of relationships among objects, people, and events, such as classifying, ordering, number, space, and time.
  • Construct knowledge of the physical world, manipulative objects for desired effects, and understand cause-and-effect relationships.
  • Acquire knowledge of and appreciation for the fine arts, humanities, and sciences.
  • Become competent in management of their bodies and acquire basic physical skills, both gross and fine motor.
  • Gain knowledge about the care of their bodies and maintain a desirable level of health and fitness.

Teacher Qualifications

Qualified staff are a key component to quality childcare and early childhood education. All lead teachers have advanced education in early childhood or a closely related field. All lead teachers must have a minimum of a Child Development Associate Credential. The majority of lead teachers have a Bachelor’s or Masters degree. Assistant teachers must have at least a CDA or be enrolled in classes to earn the credential.

All staff receives at least 20 hours of continuing education per year. Topics include: safe sleep practices, nutrition, sanitation, developmentally appropriate practices, health and safety, assessment and observation, and curriculum. Teachers and administrators are annually certified in Red Cross 1st Aid, Infant, Child and Adult CPR, Universal Precautions.

All staff must pass a physical examination, drug screen, tuberculosis test, child abuse/neglect check, and a criminal history search.